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Congratulations Liaoning Wuzhou City hotel industry associations and strategic partnership

Date: 2013-03-12

Hotel Industry Association, Liaoning Province, the fourth session of the Council

Cum 2012 annual awards ceremony held in Shenyang summary

Implement the central government "eight Provisions" actively explore the development of new initiatives hotel

February 28, 2013, Liaoning Province, the fourth session of Council of Hotel Industry Association annual awards ceremony concluded cum 2012 in Shenyang Haiyun Jinjiang International Hotel grand opening.

The central theme of the conference are: to implement the central "eight regulations" and the important instructions of General Secretary Xi Jinping, summing up the work, recognition of advanced study the deployment of 2013 priorities.

The meeting was attended mainly leaders and guests: Liaoning Services Commission of livelihood Qingzhong Director Tong, Liaoning Province Food and Drug Administration food DMS Xi Zhuang, Liaoning Occupational Skill Testing Center Director Zhao Dongxu, DAB Liaoning Provincial Party Committee OrganizationMinister Luo Lihong, "Twelve Games" received the Department of Hospitality Management Executive Director Li Zhen, Liaoning Finance and Trade Textile Monetary Union Deputy Bao-Zhong Li, the Liaoning Provincial Tourism Association Secretary-General Wang Ming Fan, Liaoning Hotel Industry Association, honorary president Liu Jingxian, LiaoningProvincial Hotel Industry Association consultant Liu Guodong, Li curse, Li Chunxiang, Xu Changqing, Jin Lixin.Liaoning Provincial Tourism Association Secretary-General Wang Ming Fan, vice president of the China Hotel Association, Shenyang chopsticks Tao Restaurant Group chairman Gu Feng, Liaoning Province Hotel Industry Association, Li Wei-jun, Liaoning Hotel Industry Association executive vice president and secretary general Zhang School, Liaoning ProvinceHotel Industry Association vice president Cameron Ong, Wuzhou City Commercial Management Ltd. CEO Chen Wenjun, the General Assembly by the Liaoning Provincial Hotel Industry Association Deputy Secretary-General Dai crane chair.

Liaoning Provincial Committee of livelihood Services Director Tong Qingzhong speech on behalf of Provincial Services Commission.He said the eight central provisions and six after the introduction of the ban on the hotel and catering industry a greater impact, especially in high-star hotel in turnover decline significantly.This situation has caused Liaoning provincial government attention.Before the Spring Festival held in Liaoning Economic Work Conference, the provincial clearly improve the development of modern service industry as a lucrative industry of the important starting point to promote the depth of integration services and manufacturing, supporting the construction of modern service industry gathering area.After the Spring Festival, but also listen to the provincial governor Services Committee about the current accommodation and catering industry reporting.This fully shows that the provincial government attaches great importance to the healthy development of modern service industry.Today, I am here to talk about the two observations: First, the provincial government of the province accommodation and catering industry is very concerned about the current problems is also very clear, the Provincial Service Commission is actively coordinating relevant government departments, to seizeresearch and development of countermeasures.Second, Liaoning hotel industry is facing a new baptism and tests, in the face of new challenges and opportunities, we can not wait passively, not blindly pessimistic, the need is to join hands together to deal with.We all know, markets, marketing and service is the eternal theme of China's hotel industry, more accurate market positioning, closer to consumer demand for marketing, more sophisticated services, the only way to succeed is a contemporary hotel.Especially high-end hotel must understand that rely on the development of public consumption era has ended.To quickly change their ideas and marketing efforts to be run by the government turned to run business passengers, ran into the market by the mayor ran through the establishment of institution building and fostering conservation, healthy and civilized food culture, change the development mode, the only way to hotelIn a fully competitive market, seize the opportunity to stand out, to create a distinctive brand.Hotel Association also keep abreast of industry developments and master the new situation and new trends, often organize upgrade fast, good economic hotel and catering enterprises interact, guidance and help reduce the loss of the province's hotels, detours, as soon as possiblethe healthy development of new ways.

Hotel Industry Association, Liaoning Province, the first session of the Fourth Council of Directors 2012 Annual Summary awards ceremony held

Tong Qingzhong Commissioner pointed out that the hotel industry should seriously study and implement the spirit of Liaoning Economic Work Conference, the hotel industry in Liaoning and Liaoning Economic synchronous development.He said that in the January meeting of Liaoning Economic Work Conference, the provincial clear that endogenous growth Liaoning started to enter the track of healthy development, emphasized the need to improve the development of modern service industry as an important starting point lucrative degrees, Promotion Serviceand manufacturing depth of integration, support for the construction of modern service industry gathering area.Liaoning Provincial Committee of this major strategic decisions for the hotel restaurant industry as the main body to the province of modern service industry innovation and development to create a good opportunity, and pointed out the direction of transformation and upgrading of traditional services, we must firmly grasp accelerate the development of servicesindustry this strategic focus, accelerate the transformation of economic development, in accordance with the general requirements of expanding domestic demand, directing the hotel industry independent innovation and transformation and upgrading.He called the hotel industry elites, we must clearly understand the situation, seize and effectively make good use of this strategic opportunity to adjust their thinking bold, innovative brands, to promote the province's hotel industry momentum onto a new level of innovation and development.

Hotel Industry Association, Liaoning Province, Li Wei-jun work report to the General Assembly.In his report, pointed out that in 2012, Liaoning Province, Liaoning Province, hotel service industry associations in the guidance of the Commission help, solidly carry out ten work for guiding the province to promote the traditional service industries upgrading to a modern service industry,to promote the healthy development of the hotel industry has played a positive role.Li Wei-jun in the report that, to achieve the annual target, in 2013 associations should focus on doing the "rigorously enforce Thrift, oppose extravagance and waste," greet "Twelve Win" good job "chopsticks Road Cup" Liaoning hotel industry workers skills contest, review GreenHotels, improve education and training, study tours and other ten organizations working to promote the healthy development of the province's hotel industry.He proposed in the new year, Liaoning hotel industry to the construction of ecological civilization, civilization and progress for the food, the beautiful Chinese construction and enthusiastic, and writing a new chapter, let Liaoning hotel and catering industry in the people's livelihood, rural services, service and other aspects of economic and social development and make greater contributions.

Hotel Association of Liaoning Province, the first session of the Fourth Council of Strategic Cooperation signed left Liaoning Province Hotel Industry Association, Li Wei-jun Right Wuzhou City Commercial Management Ltd. CEO Chen Wenjun

To implement the central leadership and the Office "rigorously enforce Thrift, oppose extravagance and waste," the written instructions, Liaoning Province, Liaoning Province Tourism Hotels Association and the Association of the hotel industry in the province vigorously carry forward the fine traditions of the Chinese nation, advocating hard work, and the enforcementThrift, oppose extravagance and waste, the formation of civilization, science, health, hotel food and beverage consumption habits of the new initiative.

First, to guide spending.Initiatives in the province posted rigorously enforce Thrift hotel premises, oppose extravagance and waste, promoting civilization, science, health spending and saving glory, shameful waste identification.Call to establish conservation dining, moderate consumption philosophy of life, changing dietary habits, and consciously do practice strict economy and combat waste practitioner.

Two science meals.Proposed changes in business ideas, innovative profit model.Initiative hotel establishment Thrift "a la carte teacher", abolish the minimum spending limit.Actively promote the breakfast project, Chinese fast food, snacks standardization, chain, brand development.Implementation of the "public chopsticks Gongbiao" not to use disposable tableware; provide "a half copies, half-price", "small portions, appropriate price" service.Promotion buffet and Fencan increase the "spare vegetables," "platter dish"; establishment of fast food, group meals, prizes and free public saving packaged meals.The establishment of semi-finished products and specialty food monopoly.

Third, energy conservation.Timely maintenance and updating of lighting facilities and equipment, the establishment of the section

Energy inspectors to implement the registration system checks to avoid long light, long-running water; strengthen cost accounting, and guide employees and consumers consciously austerity kilowatt, drop of water, one meter, a penny.Rooms try not provide disposable free toiletries, promote the use of vats bath gel and shampoo; linen to take a man for a change, the entire industry implementation of the "green room", "civilized dining table action."

Fourth, honest and trustworthy.Hotel industry should adhere to honest and trustworthy, legitimate business, conscientiously fulfill their social responsibilities.All kinds of goods to be clearly marked, genuine, and consciously safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of consumers.Guide employees and consumers from me and from now on, consciously promoting hard work, rigorously enforce the thrift and oppose extravagance and waste, establish the correct healthy lifestyles and thrifty consumer attitudes.

Assembly additions Shenyang Haiyun Jinjiang International Hotel General Manager Cheng Peixing, Shenyang Chikage Gateway Garden Hotel Co., Ltd., general manager Zhou Jinghua, Shenyang Wan Jie Cleaning Equipment Co., Ltd. Chairman Xu Fu Jun Liaoning Province Hotel Industry Association vice president.Added Brothers Media chairman Su Bo Yang Yang, deputy Rainbow International Hotel Benxi Luo Jun, general manager of Liaoning Province Hotel Industry Association Deputy Secretary-General.

2012 Annual Conference of the hotel industry advanced enterprises in Liaoning and advanced individuals were commended.

During the conference, Liaoning Wuzhou City Hotel Industry Association and Commercial Management Company Limited formed a strategic partnership, Liaoning Hotel Industry Association, Li Wei-jun and Wuzhou City Commercial Management Ltd. CEO Chen Wenjun jointly signed a strategic cooperation agreement.