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Awards Ceremony for 2012 Chinese City Rankings Held in Beijing

Date: 2012-12-13

The awards ceremony for the 2012 Chinese City Rankings event organized by China Radio International was held Wednesday in Beijing.

Ten Chinese cities, including Shenzhen, Chengdu, Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Suzhou, Wuxi, Pu'er, Yinchuan and Jiujiang, were selected as the most innovative cities in this year's ranking.

The ceremony was witnessed by officials from the State Council Information Office, Ministry of Culture, Ministry of Science and Technology, National Tourism Administration, delegates from the winning cities, foreign diplomats, Chinese scholars, and domestic and overseas media.

Creativity: The new vogue for urban development

In a speech delivered at the ceremony, Wang Gengnian, director-general of China Radio International, said this year's Chinese City Rankings project is intended to introduce China's newly emerging creative cities to the world following the success of the Top Chinese Tourist Cities event in 2010 and the Top Chinese Cultural Cities event in 2011. He added that this year's list of the 10 most innovative cities represented not only different styles of creativity among Chinese cities, but also the new vogue of city dynamics. Wang also said the extensive attention the project had received among both domestic and overseas netizens demonstrated the great appeal of the innovation of Chinese cities.

The Chinese City Rankings event has been held for three consecutive years. For the past few years, especially since the beginning of China's economic boom, developments in tourism, culture and creativity have become the common aspirations of Chinese cities.

This year's Chinese City Rankings project evaluated cities according to their "unique creativity brand, people-oriented creativity service, robust creativity industry and delightful creative life."

After global netizens voted for the cities online, the above-listed final 10 cities stood out among the 20 candidates.

Summit Meeting on creativity: Insight into urban development

Officials from the nominated cities and scholars from renowned domestic universities also were invited to attend a summit on the "Origins and Future of Innovative Chinese Cities" on Wednesday. At the summit, officials and scholars discussed two major topics of "integrating resources to promote creativity" and "evolving from imitating to creating."

Selecting different creative elements in different cities, the 2012 Chinese City Rankings event sought to introduce brand-new city images of China to global audiences. The project was guided by the State Council Information Office, Ministry of Culture, and Ministry of Science and Technology and National Tourism Administration and hosted by China Radio International. Supported by CRI's multilingual platform, the project asked global netizens to select the most innovative Chinese cities via text message and online voting and was designated to promote the most creative resources in China to the global society.

At the ceremony, the theme for the 2013 Chinese City Rankings event -- "The Most Ecological Cities in China" -- was announced. With this theme, next year's project will be dedicated to presenting the ecological beauty of Chinese cities to the world.(CRI)