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Economy hotel performance first blood high star hotel poor performance

Date: 2012-11-12

Seven days chain hotel group released a year to the third quarter results show that net income for 683 million yuan, a year-on-year increase of 26.6%, net profit of 63.6 million yuan, an increase of more than 43%, realize the 11th consecutive quarterly earnings. So far, but has not yet published home inns earnings, the economy hotel chain type several giant third quarter performance already have announced the first blood, previously, hanting already reported third quarter net profit of 95.8 million yuan, up 64.6% increase; Jinjiang shares three quarterly report also showed that the third quarter net profit of 104 million yuan, increased by 25.11% year-on-year.

Economic chain type hotel performance better off, whether to explain macroeconomic surface are recovery? Huamei hotel consultant co., LT., chief knowledge officer ZhaoHuanYan pointed out that when the macro economic weakness, relatively low benefit economy hotel.

Economy hotel continues to expand

ZhaoHuanYan accept the yangcheng evening news reporter to interview think, the hotel industry and the macro economic surface reaction, in the hotel market segment changes LveJianYiBan.

Results according to statistics, in 2012 China's economy hotel group in addition to the third quarter net profit growth outside, key operation index RevPAR (namely average each can rent rooms revenue) basic better off, only trimming. Seven days lease management shop in the third quarter of this year is 145.9 yuan, and the same period last year to 153.1 yuan, the franchise for the third quarter in 2012 to 137.5 yuan, and the same period last year to 135.9 yuan, Hanting in the third quarter of this year for 178 yuan, 177 yuan from the same period last year, Jinjiang star in the third quarter of this year 164.01 yuan, 166.17 yuan from the same period last year.

From the scale to see, economy hotel industry continues to expand. At present, 7 days like more than thousand shop scale, and industry giants are still in speed up the horse race enclosure.

According to hanting earnings, opened the third quarter store number 108, create hanting single quarter since the establishment of the highest number of open a shop; And in the third quarter of 7 days, new 25 directly-managed stores and 79 management shop, including preparation shop, hotel number has reached 1464, covering more than 200 cities.

Hanting earnings disclosure, forecast by the end of 2012, hanting its four brand will have 1000 business outlets, including 2012 new business management shop number will be more than 200. And seven days have privately the relevant person in charge said: "next year will also maintain a new set up shop in 400 the size of the house." As we have learned, 7 days in guangzhou has just completed the store layout, and the goal is true in 2014 2000 opened store, forward to 6000 stores the total scale.

The high star hotel performance is not ideal

In contrast, high performance of the star hotel is not so ideal. Main high-end hotel intercontinental hotels group, in the third quarter of this year, pre-tax profit fell more than 20% from the third quarter of fiscal 2011 $194 million fell to $150 million. Intercontinental currently holds the Chinese international brand hotel area 12.5% of the market share, there are 164 hotels, is the largest foreign competitors two times. "Intercontinental global performance changes in China and the correlation degree is bigger, will be affected. ZhaoHuanYan said.

For the economy hotel and macro economic relations, 7 days chain hotel group euphemism relevant personage, said economic situation is going well, of course, is beneficial to the development of economy hotel, and economic descending economy hotel when the risk resistance capacity really some better.

And hanting hotels group a source told the yangcheng evening news reporter, at present does have once and high-end hotel cooperative enterprise, choose travel check-in hanting hotels. "Hanting full season itself go in high-end course, and hanting shortcut also attracted some new in high-end enterprise customers.

ZhaoHuanYan think, in macro economy is relatively sluggish, the enterprise business trip expenses under control, economy hotel relatively popular.