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Beijing A level scenic area and more than three-star hotel at the end of the year to realize free wireless Internet access

Date: 2012-11-12

Xinhuanet Beijing on November 11 special telegram (reporter SunWeiLi) Beijing "wisdom tourism" construction produced results. Reporters from the Beijing municipal LvYouWei was informed that, before the end of this year, the Beijing municipal all A level scenic spot and three, four and five star hotel will complete the wireless local area network construction, realizes the free wireless Internet access.

Deputy director of the Beijing LvYouWei AnJinMing introduction, scenic spot and the hotel the wireless local area network construction is Beijing "wisdom tourism" part of the construction, let visitors in traveling and hotel also can enjoy "mobile Internet" convenience. This year in August, including Beijing aquarium, the first batch of 104 travel unit has installed the wireless network, before the end of this year all 200 Beijing home A level scenic spot and three, four and five star hotel will install the wireless network, the hotel lobby, tourist service center and the relative occupied area will cover the wireless network.

According to introducing, at present tourists mainly through two ways in the scenic spot, connected to a wireless network, from China mobile CMCC network access account name and password, or to the staff consulting the self-built wireless network password. And the launch of the wireless network way logged more simple, does not need the registered user name and password for, can be directly connected. At present, relevant wireless network device is installation debugging, for all the installation is completed, the Beijing municipal LvYouWei will unify, issue to the community.

According to "Beijing" wisdom tourism "action plan outline (2012-2015)", the Beijing municipal plans to use four years to create "wisdom tourism" public service system, tourism format "wisdom tourism" service system, "wisdom tourism" government affairs management system three big tourism system, nine "wisdom tourism" system and 60 "wisdom tourism" construction project.