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Beijing market: hotel catering parity drinks to attack

Date: 2012-11-09

Recently in Beijing market many hotel restaurants, all mark on the hotel drinks and quotient super (with wal-mart, carrefour, Beijing hualian, and other well-known business super shall prevail) wine prices.

Reporters through visit the market to know, where there is the identification of hotel, its price and beverage near large quotient ultra basic price is consistent. In this premise, the consumers will drink allowed to charge a service charge, most of which is the consumer consumption drinks price 15% of the total market value charge service fees.

A dealer said, hotel catering drinks parity change, at present of Beijing traditional beverage sales channels the impact is not big. But as time goes on, in the future may be of some market channels affected. Period dealers also revealed, the hotel from dealers hand destination and the actual sales price interests range is not big, the famous JiaJiaLv may be more low.