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Beijing 200 hotel free wireless networks siheyun list will be released

Date: 2012-10-31

Side around the side can also wireless free get to the Internet, such A good thing to before the end of 200 will be A level scenic spot and star grade hotel realize. Yesterday, the city LvYouWei a relevant person in charge of urban service management the radio introduction, this city scenic spots, hotels wireless network installation is according to plan, before the end of the year will be realized in the scenic beauty of wireless Internet access.

The reporter understands, at present most scenic spot use wireless network includes cooperation with China mobile "CMCC" network, visitors after the connection of needs from China mobile access account password, can use; And also the self-built "test" wireless network, visitors simply to staff consulting password, you can networking. City LvYouWei related person in charge said that at present the wireless network installation is according to plan, is expected by the end of this year, the city will have 200 a-class tourist scenic spot, and three, four and five star hotel will realize the free wireless Internet access.

In addition, in view of the tourists for Beijing siheyuan accommodation requirements, the city LvYouWei is also assess a batch of standard siheyuan, before and after the end of this year, standard siheyuan list will be released.

The city is under the construction of tax system. After the completion of the future, overseas personages from Beijing departure can enjoy tax refund policy. At the same time, Beijing residents through the Beijing port group to travel abroad, but in the duty free shop to buy goods, to the airport puts forward items.