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The report says Beijing five-star hotel occupancy rate in the hotel

Date: 2012-10-24

Beijing Beijing on October 23 report (reporter YinLi) "the Beijing tourism development report 2012" in 23 appeared in Beijing. The report quoted the latest data say, Beijing five-star hotel average occupancy rate over sixty percent, and become the most popular choice of the hotel.

Data show that in 2011 the Beijing star grade hotel average occupancy rate was 59.9%, and the average house price is 481.7 yuan/day between. Among them, the five-star hotel average occupancy rate was 64.2%, and the average house price is 795.5 yuan/room day, the two indexes in the first star hotel. At the same time, the five-star hotel in 2011 whole year reception at home and abroad who accommodation over 5.2 million people, in the star hotel fastest growth, year-on-year growth of 12.8%; To enter in the accommodation, star hotel, the only five star maintained a positive growth. After star hotel to evaluation, by May 2012, Beijing star hotel there are 612, including 62 five star hotel.

It is reported, the 2011 Beijing tourism annual receives the domestic and foreign tourism number the first time exceeded 200 million person-time, entry for the night visitors for the first time in 5 million person-time, total tourist income of the first time exceeded 300 billion yuan RMB. Tourism industry is becoming the capital of economic development an important backbone industry.

The report says, the 2011 Beijing entry tourist motivation top three were business conference and exhibition, tourism and leisure vacation, age in 25-44 years old and aged between 45-64. The two groups of people often have fixed occupation, income is higher. Among them, the proportion of female tourists from less than 40% in 2004 to 47% in 2011 to improve more. Due to the high income female tourists for reception facilities, service quality and social order to be more selective than male tourists, so intellectual women visitors increase tourism destination is the embodiment of the city's comprehensive strength.

In 2011, immigration tourists in Beijing tourism spending on average $1041, average stay 4.2 days, per capita day spend $247.78. Used for the transportation, accommodation, catering, scenic spot tour basic tourism consumption accounted for 56.4% of the proportion of the consumption, shopping, entertainment, post and communication and other non basic consumption accounted for only 33.3%.

The report says, Beijing entry consumption growth rate is still slow, tourists stay time is short, tourism consumption structure of a single, these show that the Beijing to overseas tourists do not have higher attraction to places of interest as the main elements of the capital tourism industry at that time cannot fast and international standards.

At the same time, Beijing still exist tourism shopping and tourist entertainment development is relatively weak, tourism industry informatization level is low, award tourism, business travel and other high-end tourism product development is insufficient, which needs to be further enhance tourism environment order problems.

The report notes that Beijing is to promote "wisdom tourism" urban construction, plan 3 years, in all scenic spots, hotels, airports, railway stations and other public services, business district construction opened the wireless broadband networks and installation tourist information touch screen. By thing networking, cloud computing and other modern information technology application as the center wisdom tourism construction, will become the Beijing tourism of the transformation and upgrade of important breakthrough.

It is reported, "the Beijing tourism development report 2012" is the Chinese mainland provinces tourism first book of green paper, by the Beijing tourism development committee, Beijing tourism society and social sciences academic press collaboration.