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Whitney Houston Beijing time 12 in the Hilton Hotel's death

Date: 2012-02-13

The United States days Whitney Houston in the beautiful west time 11 (Beijing time 12) afternoon was found in Hilton Hotel room died, only 48 years old. The news spread around the world shocked. As the United States during the 80 s and 90 s one of the red female star, Whitney was legendary. She won including multiple grammy, the numerous awards, highly by many fans for the great singer, she is worthy of the name days later.

And now, days after the final curtain call.

The cause of death remained unknown waiting for autopsy

As we have learned, the United States local time on February 11, about 15 point 43 points, Beverly medical department received Whitney Houston in the hotel's distress call, Whitney was found dead in the bathtub. When first aid experts arrived, Whitney Houston remains have been removed bath crock. The local time 15 point and 55 minutes, Hilton Hotel announced the Whitney Houston news of the death. Beverly hills police also searched Whitney room, found that there are various bottles, but didn't find Whitney in room drinking evidence, need autopsy to know that she is because of drug abuse, drowning or any other reasons leading to death.

It is reported, Whitney Houston in the hotel guests check-in, the cause of his death is and some relevant drug use is still in the investigation, but did not see the any substance abuse phenomenon.

Whitney died the news release, the grammy's official website announced that will be in the grammy awards for set up link, to yearn for in 2011-2012 people died of the music industry, in addition to just died Whitney Houston outside, still include Steve jobs, Amy winehouse, etc. And the world fans memorial also has been spread out.

Destruction DuHai final hopeless

Whitney Houston a recent public appearance, the hair messy, look at sea, on feb. 9 evening attend grammy awards dinner activities, Whitney Houston on the stage from rock r&b singer general rice hand picked up a microphone, only to sing a few words, this is her last stage show.

According to the report, Whitney Houston in the died ago and mother and Houston on the phone about 30 minutes, the two sides also talked about to explore Whitney Houston's music producer Davis's grammy award party. Another also belong to hit days level soul r&b singer Dionne Warwick, also in the Whitney Houston died a few hours before and she through the words, the two sides talked about party seating arrangements, between the speech also shape. And just before she died she had this afternoon in a studio photographed, and night to go to the cliff Davis's annual grammy eve party.

For Whitney's death, a lot of people think is drugs.

As early as in 2001 September had spread Whitney Houston for drug overdoses sudden death of news, she later because run up toxic debt relations, in December XianZao sterangled drug traffickers. Now her parents asked her with her ex-husband bobby brown divorce, home rehabilitation, reportedly recently she is often drug problems. To this, Whitney Houston close friend said, she was in the drug issue has been out of control for many years, and more and more hopeless.